Noise rock bands have the best names

01. The Jesus Lizard - “Monkey Trick” (Goat)
02. URGH! - “Ponekad, Mrzim, Zlogut Otvorena Usta” (Yonuss Tape)
03. Fuck Buttons - “The Lisbon Maru” (Tarot Sport)
04. Jucifer - “Contempt” (Throned in Blood)
05. The Flying Luttenbachers - “Storm of Shit” (Revenge)
06. Emily’s Sassy Lime - “Pinapple Boys Need Not Apply” (Single)
07. mclusky - “Lightsabre Cocksucking blues” (Single)
08. 14 Iced Bears - “Mother Sleep” (Single)
09. AIDS Wolf - “Tied-Up in Paper” (Cities of Glass)
10. Poughboy - “T.A.F.T.A.D.A” (The End of Men)
11. Autopsia - “11th Enochian Key” (Wound)
12. Les Savy Fav - “Patty Lee” (Let’s Stay Friends)
13. Big Black - “Bad Penny” (Songs About Fucking)
14. Unsane - “No Chance” (Alternative Tentacles)
15. Harry Pussy - “Ride a Dove” (4’27” to 9’27”)

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