Reaching from a “our nice liitle town” atmosphere (which means boring as well) to some kind of disturbing wall of sound (“disturbing” like in “all my friends became rhinos and no one seems to care”): Soundtrack for the play Rhinoceros by Ionesco

01. Akira Yamaoka - “Silent Hill (Estudio)” (Silent Hill Sounds Box)
02. Ry Cooder - “Paris, Texas Main Theme” (Paris, Texas OST)
03. Talking Heads - “And She Was” (Little Creatures)
04. Jewel - “Adrian” (Pieces Of You)
05. Keith Green - “The Lord Is My Shepherd” (Songs For The Shepheard)
06. Nirvana - “Something In The Way” (Nevermind)
07. Sonic Youth - “Hoarfrost” (A Thousand Leaves)
08. Lou Reed and John Cale - “Small Town” (Songs For Drella)
09. Smashing Pumpkins - “Rhinoceros” (Gish)
10. Rollins Band - “Liar” (Weight)
11. The Mark Of Cain - “LMA” (Ill At Ease)
12. Fugazi - “Waiting Room” (13 Songs)
13. Bad Brains - “Big Take Over” (Bad Brains)
14. Akira Yamaoka - “You’re Not Here” (Silent Hill Sounds Box)
15. Public Image Ltd - “Poptones” (Second Edition)
16. Sonic Youth - “Shadow Of A Doubt” (EVOL)
17. Glenn Branca - “Fuck Yourself” (Songs ‘77-‘79)
18. Melvins- “Honey Bucket” (Houdini)
19. Big Black - “Kerosene” (Atomizer)
20. Akira Yamaoka - “My Heaven” (Silent Hill Sounds Box)

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