Salacious Rap Music For A Virginal Girl

Sex in real life is exactly as described in these songs. Hope your education is satisfying, if not uneven.

01. Three Six Mafia - “Slob On My Knob” (Vol. 2-Club Memphis Underground)
02. Big Punisher - “I’m Not A Player” (Capital Punishment)
03. Dr. Dre - “Let’s Get High (feat Hittman, Kurupt, and Ms. Roq)” (2001)
04. Ol’ Dirty Bastard -“I Want Pussy” (Nigga Please)
05. Ying Yang Twins - “Wait (The Whisper Song)” (U.nited S.tate of A.tlanta)
06. 2 Live Crew - “Face Down, Ass Up” (Banned in the U.S.A.)
07. Khia - “My Neck, My Back” (Thug Misses)
08. Kool Keith - “Sex Style” (Sex Style)
09. Lil’ Kim - “How Many Licks (Feat. Sisqo)” (The Notorious K.I.M.)
10. D4L - “Laffy Taffy” (Down For Life)
11. Dr. Octagon - “Girl Let Me Touch You” (Dr. Octagonecologyst)

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