Song that have a positive meaning, but aren’t boring or too old.

Tired of listening to the cynical raging or self-pitying whining of today’s pessimists drowning out the good music backing their drivel? Tired of boring old fuddy-duddies drooling out meaningful positivity with the zeal of a drugged whale like they don’t really care? Well, you’re in luck, my friend; here’s a mix for you:

01. mewithoutYou - “January 1979” (Catch for Us the Foxes)
02. The Benjamin Gate - “Lift Me Up” (Contact)
03. Anathallo - “Cafetorium” (Canopy Glow)
04. Earthsuit - “One Time” (Kaleidoscope Superior)
05. Eisley - “Better Love” (The Valley)
06. Extol - “Grace for Succession” (Synergy)
07. Midnight Oil - “Antarctica” (Blue Sky Mining)
08. Becoming the Archetype - “Deep Heaven” (Dichotomy)
09. Over the Rhine - “Within Without” (Eve)
10. MuteMath - “Chaos” (MuteMath)
11. Stavesacre - “Witch Trial” (stavz’a’ker)
12. Switchfoot - “Meant to Live” (The Beautiful Letdown)

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