Songs to bluff that I know about cool Australian music

Check out track 2 here and track 19 here

01. Jasmine Loop Control - "Pinky for the Lung" (Eetterin Kutsumus)
02. Melange - "Novel the Limbo Bunny"
03. Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - "The Banshee" (Tiny Fragments)
04. The Panda Band - "Eyelashes" (The Vital Chapter)
05. Yves Klein Blue - "Polka" (Draw Attention To Themselves)
06. The Panics - "Don't Fight It" (Cruel Guards)
07. Whitley - "I Remember" (The Submarine)
08. New Buffalo - "Cheer Me Up Thank You" (Somewhere, Anywhere)
09. John Butler Trio - "Betterman" (Sunrise Over Sea)
10. Nick Cave - "Do You Love Me?" (Let Love In)
11. Ash Grunwald - "Take The Drop" (Give Signs)
12. Chris Pickering - "All or Nothing" (Ghost City)
13. Mojo Webb - "Rosebery Jam" (The Burden)
14. Steve Tallis and The Holy Ghosts - "My Hands Are On Fire" (Loko)
15. Xavier Rudd - "Fortune Teller" (Food In The Belly)
16. The Grates - "Feels Like Pain" (Gravity Won't Get You High)
17. Sarah Blasko - "All Coming Back" (The Overture & The Underscore)
18. Cut Copy - "Feel The Love" (In Ghost Colours)
19. Ajax - "Dance Till Dawn"

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