Songs for Coming Back Home to Minneapolis…

Welcome home, Grim!
01. The Plastic Constellations - "Back It Up Now" (Plastic Constellations)
02. STNNNG - "My Golden Oldie" (Dignified Sissy)
03. Selby Tigers - "Jump Suits " (Charm City)
04. No Doctors - "Yerba Buena" (Origin & Tectonics)
05. Cock ESP - "Panicsville Sunday" (Last Train to Cocksville)
06. Vampire Hands - "Aaroo, Piano" (Freedom From)
07. Devillock - "These Graves" (PACrec/Troniks)
08. Michael Yonkers - "My House" (Microminiature Love)
09. MC/VL - "The Guarantee" (Stance)
10. The Replacements - "We're Comin' Out" (Let It Be)
11. Hüsker Dü - "Chartered Trips" (Zen Arcade)
12. Bob Dylan - "On the Road Again" (Bringing It All Back Home)

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