Songs for driving home in the middle of the night

(Side A is softer music to coincide with the kind of thoughts that middle-of-the-night driving tends to invoke. See also: most of Bob Dylan’s work. Side B is energetic or loud stuff to keep you awake when you start falling asleep.)

Side A.
01. Just Joans - “What Do We Do Now” (Hey, Boy… You’re Oh So Sensitive)
02. No More Kings - “About Schroeder” (No More Kings)
03. Snow Patrol - “Make This Go On Forever” (The Planets Bend Between Us)
04. A Fine Frenzy - “Almost Lover” (One Cell In The Sea)
05. The Delgados - “Make Your Move” (The Great Eastern)
06. K’s Choice - “Already There” (Almost Happy)
07. Vienna Teng - “Passage” (Warm Strangers)
08. Ally Kerr - “The Sore Feet Song” (Calling Out To You)
09. Straylight Run - “Existentialism On Prom Night” (Straylight Run )
10. Sia - “Breathe Me” (Colour the Small One)

Side B.
01. Alkaline Trio - “Private Eye” (From Here To Infirmary)
02. Calvin Harris - “Colours” (I Created Disco)
03. Harvey Danger - “Cream and Bastards Rise” (Little By Little)
04. Lights - “Lions!” (The Listening)
05. Ludo - “Love Me Dead” (You’re Awful, I Love You)
06. Hellogoodbye - “Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn” (Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!)
07. Say Anything - “She Won’t Follow You” (Say Anything)
08. Crystal Castles - “Courtship Dating” (Crystal Castles)
09. Talking Heads - “Take Me To The River” (More Songs About Buildings And Food)
10. Silbermond - “Blaue Augen” (Nichts Passiert)

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