Songs for a 20 year old’s life crisis.

some of this helped me out, fwiw

1. Urinals - “I’m Like You” (Negative Capability… Check It Out!)
2. Rhino 39 - “Prolixin Stomp” (Xerox)
3. Kitchen’s Floor - “No Love” (Look Forward To Nothing)
4. Eric’s Trip - “Follow” (Love Tara)
5. Cannibal Ox - “Stress Rap” (The Cold Vein)
6. The Vapors - “Bunkers” (New Clear Days)
7. Cap’n Jazz - “Yes, I Am Talking To You” (Shmap’n Shmazz)
8. Great Plains - “I Must Have Made It All Up” (Born In A Barn)
9. Feelies - “The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness” (Crazy Rhythms)
10. R.E.M. - “Driver 8” (Fables of the Reconstruction)
11. Laurie Anderson - “Born, Never Asked” (Big Science)
12. Exuma - “Baal” (Exuma II)
13. Fairport Convention - “The Lord Is In The Place, How Dreadful Is The Place” (What We Did On Our Holidays)
14. Flipper - “One by One” (Gone Fishin’)

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