Songs from the hypothetical Bruce Willis-John Cusack buddy cop movie

01. The Police – "Voices Inside my Head" (Zenyetta Mondatta)
02. Herbie Hancock – "Rockit" (Future Shock)
03. Ol' Dirty Bastard – "I Want Pussy" (Nigga Please)
04. Deadbolt - "She Walks With the Dead" (Hobo Babylon)
05. Major Organ and the Adding Machine - "The Snack Bar" (Major Organ and the Adding Machine)
06. Fugazi - "Epic Problem" (Argument)
07. Iron Horse - "Hero of the Day" (Fade To Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute To Metallica)
08. M83 – "Gone" (Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Lost Ghosts)
09. Ike & Tina Turner – "Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knockin' Everyday)" (River Deep - Mountain High)
10. Big Brother and the Holding Company – "Piece of my Heart" (Cheap Thrills)
11. Neutral Milk Hotel – "Engine" (Hype City Soundtrack)

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