Songs to listen to while I laugh at the people on

01. Unknown - “The Addams Family Theme” (The Addams Family)
02. Ingrid Michaelson - “Be OK” (Be OK)
03. The Rolling Stones - “She Smiled Sweetly” (The Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack)
04. Belle & Sebastian - “Family Tree” (Fold Your Hands, Child, You Walk Like a Peasant)
05. Warren Zevon - “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” (Freaks and Geeks Soundtrack)
06. Ben Folds Five - “Uncle Walter” (Ben Folds Five)
07. Gwen Stefani - “Cool” (L.A.M.B.)
08. MC Hammer - “Can’t Touch This” (Old School Hip Hop Party)
09. The Fratellis - “Flathead” (Costello Music)
10. Weezer - “Pork and Beans” (Red Album)
11. The Killers - “Smile Like You Mean It” (Hot Fuss)
12. No Doubt - “Different People” (Tragic Kingdom)
13. Fatboy Slim - “Praise You” (You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby)
14. Randy Newman - “Strange Things” (Toy Story Soundtrack)
15. Komeda - “It’s Alright, Baby” (Our Little Corner of the World)
16. Oliver & Company - “Why Should I Worry?” (Oliver & Company)
17. Vampire Weekend - “Cousins” (Contra)
18. Louis Armstrong - “The Home Fire” (Fresh Beats)
19. The Kooks - “Bus Song” (Eddie’s Gun)
20. Scissor Sisters - “Take Your Mama” (Scissor Sisters)

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