Songs to make my mind-numingly boring job seem lots more fun.

01. Kasabian - “L.S.F. Lost Souls Forever” (Kasabian)
02. Middle Class Rut - “I Guess You Could Say” (No Name No Color)
03. Dogs Die in Hot Cars - “Lounger” (Please Describe Yourself)
04. White Rabbits - “While We Go Dancing” (Thieves Be Damned!)
05. The Limousines - “Very Busy People” (Get Sharp)
06. Deaf Pedestrians - “I Hate This Place” (We’re All Gonna Die)
07. Kind of Like Spitting - “Crossover Potential” (Bridges Worth Burning)
08. The Zutons - “How Does it Feel” (Tired of Hanging Around)
09. Local Natives - “Who Knows Who Cares” (Gorilla Manor)
10. The Dismemberment Plan - “A Life of Possibilities” (Gorilla Manor)
11. Surfer Blood - “Floating Vibes” (Astro Coast)
12. Atom and His Package - “I’m Downright Amazed at What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer” (Hamburgers)
13. NazcarNation - “Beeswax” (NazcarNation)
14. Planet Smashers - “Too Much Attitude” (Life of the Party)
15. Larrkin Love - “Meet Me By The Getaway Car” (The Freedom Spark)
16. Uh Huh Her - “Dance With Me” (Common Reaction)
17. Bishi - “Never Seen Your Face” (BitPop EP)

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