Songs robots listen to when they’re alone

Who says robots can't party when we're not exploiting their labor? They're not moping about, that's for sure

01. Mu - "Jealous Kids" (Afro Finger and Gel)
02. Au - "rr vs. d" (Verbs)
03. Hella - "Mind Over Butter" (Chirpin' Hard)
04. Dan Deacon - "Okie Dokie" (Spiderman of the Rings)
05. Max Tundra - "Gondry" (Mastered by the Guy at Exchange)
06. DJ Scotch Egg - "WWWWW" (Drumized)
07. Annie - "Just" (Anniemal)
08. Autechre - "Ipacial Section" (Untilted)
09. M.I.A. - "Pull Up The People" (Arular)
10. Matmos - "Exciter Lamp" (Supreme Balloon)
11. Neon Hunk - Beefmastor (Smarmymob)
12. Erykah Badu - "Me" (New Amerykah, Pt 1: 4th World War)

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