Songs to slow-dance to in an empty parking lot

You meet me when I get off work at Wal-Mart. I'll bring you some purple stuff and turn up the stereo on the trans-am. Wear those ruby red shoes I like and I'll let you wear my lanyard. Deal?

01. Ryan Adams - "La Cienga Just Smiled" (Gold)
02. Peter Gabriel - "In Your Eyes" (So)
03. Massive Attack - "Protection" (Protection)
04. Jets to Brazil - "Sweet Avenue" (Orange Rhyming Dictionary)
05. The Twilight Singers - "The Killer" (Blackberry Belle)
06. The Hold Steady - "Citrus" (Boys and Girls in America)
07. Joe Strummer - "Burnin' Streets" (Streetcore)
08. Elvis Costello - "Alison" (My Aim is True)
09. Bruce Springsteen - "I'm on Fire" (Born in the USA)
10. Al Green - "Belle" (The Belle Album)
11. Jets to Brazil - "Sweet Avenue" (Orange Rhyming Dictionary)

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