Songs to Solve my Shadowy Sophomore Existential Crisis

I wanted to make a mix that would pull you out of any existential crisis, but soon realized that the songs I selected might end up increasing your existential angst. I tried to cap it with something somewhat uplifting (the jury is still out on whether “Impossible Soul” can be called uplifting, though).

Then again, don’t they say that the best way to deal with problems is to face them or something? If that’s true then maybe this mix is exactly what you need.

01. The Caretaker - “All You Are Going to Want to do is Get Back There” (An Empty Bliss Beyond this World)
02. Phosphorescent - “At Death, A Proclamation” (Pride)
03. Arcade Fire - “My Body is a Cage” (Neon Bible)
04. Menomena - “Strongest Man in the World” (I am the Fun Blame Monster)
05. Typhoon - “The Sickness Unto Death” (Hunger and Thirst)
06. Carissa’s Wierd - “Heather Rhodes” (Ugly But Honest)
07. Radical Face - “Haunted” (Ghost)
08. Earth - “Sigil of Brass” (Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II)
09. Mount Eerie - “I Walked Home Beholding” (Ocean Roar)
10. Grandaddy - “Jed the Humanoid” (Sophtware Slump)
11. Sufjan Stevens - “Impossible Soul” (The Age of Adz)

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