Songs to woo a girl who’s smarter than I am.

01. David Arnold and Michael Price-“The Game Is On” (Sherlock Soundtrack)
02. Thomas Dolby-“She Blinded Me with Science” (The Golden Age of Wireless)
03. Dire Straits-“Lady Writer” (Communique)
04. A.C. Newman-“Like A Hitman, Like A Dancer” (Get Guilty)
05. Bach-“Brandenburg Concerto No.2”
06. Barenaked Ladies-“Some Fantastic” (Stunt)
07. The Velvet Underground-“I Heard Her Call My Name” (White Light/White Heat)
08. The Raconteurs-“Blue Veins” (Broken Boy Soldiers)
09. Noah and the Whale-“2 Atoms In A Molecule” (Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down)
10. Nirvana-“About a Girl” (Bleach)
11. Natalie Merchant-“I May Know The World” (Tigerlily)

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