Soundtrack to Homesickness

AOL keywords: nostalgia, “used to,” distance, growing up, piano, “go back,” noises heard at night, memories

(Hope you dig it!)

01. Aphex Twin - “Nannou2” (Drukqs)
02. Devendra Banhart - “I Remember” (Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon)
03. That Dog - “Paid Programming” (That Dog)
04. The Postal Service - “Suddenly Everything Has Changed (Flaming Lips cover)” (The District Sleeps Alone Tonight)
05. Nosaj Thing - “Distance” (Home)
06. Arcade Fire - “Half Light I” (The Suburbs)
07. Giant Drag - “Swan Song” (Swan Song)
08. Pavement - “Gold Soundz” (Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)
09. Beck - “New Round” (The Information)
10. Yo La Tengo - “I Feel Like Going Home” (I Am Not Afraid of You And I Will Beat Your Ass)
11. Jon Hopkins - “Small Memory” (Insides)

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