standing in the sun with a popsicle, anything is possible

I’ll add the stipulation that you’re standing in the driveway. And you can sit down toward the end if you want.

01. No Age – “Brain Burner” (Nouns)
02. High Place – “From Stardust to Sentience” (High Places)
03. Eternal Summers – “Fall Straight Back” (Eternal Summers EP)
04. Pavement – “Summer Babe” (Slanted and Enchanted)
05. The Flaming Lips – “Kim’s Watermelon Gun” (Clouds Taste Metallic)
06. Fennesz – “Shisheido” (Endless Summer)
07. Pink Floyd – “San Tropez” (Meddle)
08. Jon Hopkins – “The Wider Sun” (Insides)
09. Dirty Projectors – “Temecula” (Bitte Orca)
10. Sparklehorse – “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away” (Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain)

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