summer romance comes to an unavoidably sad end

Don’t worry, Johnny. After all, everything eventually dies.

01. Cripsin Hellion Glover - “These Boots Are Made For Walking” (The Big Problem Does Not Equal the Solution. The Solution = Let It Be.)
02. Florence Foster Jenkins - “Ou va la jeune Hindoue?” (The Glory (????) of the Human Voice)
03. Yowie - “Tenesha” (Cryptooology)
04. The Gerogerigegege - “おっぱいボインのおけつプリン” (Tokyo Anal Dynamite)
05. Big Blood - “Glory Daze” (Space Gallery Jan. 27, 2007 / Sahara Club Jan. 28, 2007)
06. Anthony Braxton - “To Composer John Cage” (For Alto Saxophone)
07. Butthole Surfers - “Graveyard” (Locust Abortion Technician)
08. Reiko Ike - “さすらいのギター” (恍惚の世界)
09. Gary Wilson - “Loneliness” (You Think You Really Know Me)
10. Merzbow - “Jimmy Elvins in Traffic” (Door Open at 8 AM)
11. Charles Bronson - “Bible Thumpers Go To Hell” (Complete Discocrappy)
12. Diamanda Galás - “Deliver Me From Mine Enemies” (The Divine Punishment)
13. DJ Yo-Yo Dieting - “Dormant Mirrors IV” (Dormant Mirros/Drum)
14. Teenage Jesus & the Jerks - “Orphans” (Everything)
15. Whitehouse - “Why You Never Became A Dancer” (Bird Seed)
16. Lesley Gore - “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows” (The Golden Hits of Lesley Gore)

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