The musical embodiment of soul-wrenching regret.

I suppose not all of these songs are explicitly about regret, but that’s what they mean to me. Some of these I haven’t listened to in years, and some of these have been constant companions through difficult times more recently, but all are special to me in times of regret and loss. (N.B.: the Knife Play version of “Dr. Troll” also works here if you can’t track down Fag Patrol, but the acoustic version from that record is one of the recordings I hold most dear in this world, and I couldn’t bear not to give it some credit and include it here.)

01. Red House Painters - “24” (Down Colorful Hill)
02. Xiu Xiu - “Dr. Troll” (Fag Patrol)
03. R.E.M. - “Southern Central Rain (I’m Sorry)” (Reckoning)
04. Nina Simone - “My Man’s Gone Now” (Nina Simone Sings The Blues)
05. Codeine - “D” (Frigid Stars)
06. Michael Hurley - “The Tea Song” (First Songs)
07. Swans - “Failure” (White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity)
08. Red House Painters - “Katy Song” (Red House Painters II (Rollercoaster))

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