Twee-Induced Sugar Rush

01. Tallycraft - “Superboy and Supergirl”
02. The softies - “You and Only You”
03. Beat Happening - “Angel Gone”
04. Shonen Knife - “Lazybone”
05. BMX Bandits - “Girl At The Bus Stop”
06. Cub - “Go Fish”
07. Heavenly - “Cool Guitar Boy”
08. The Vaselines - “Think You’re A Man”
09. Shop Assistants - “I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You”
10. Rocketship - “I Love You Like The Way That I Used To”
11. Go Team - “Bikini Twilight”
12. Acid House Kings - “Say Yes If You Love Me”
13. The Field Mice - “If You Need Someone”
14. Tiger Trap - “Puzzle Pieces “
15. Happydeadmen - “Silent Sigh City”
16. Brighter - “I don’t think it Matters”
17. Golden Dawn - “My Secret World”
18. Talulah Gosh - “Don’t Go Away”
19. Another Sunny Day - “Anorak City”
20. Dear Nora - “Since You Went Away”
21. Trembling Blue Stars - “Letter Never Sent”
22. Go Sailor - “Bigger Than The Ocean”

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