What Thoreau Would Have Listened to While Writing Walden

There's something so mystifying about nature that it compels us to write about it. And oh boy does Thoreau know how to squeeze out the deepest of our quintessential emotions and transfer it on to paper. Not only that, but the messages the book portrays are now seemingly more prevalent in the present day than back in 1854 when it was published! Anywho, the funny thing is that I happen to actually be reading Thoreau's Walden in my AP Environmental class as we speak; it's actually laying ideally by me right now. Fancy that! Anyhow, if through some time warp I was able to send Thoreau a modern day mix tape, this is what I would have in mind:
01. Devendra Banhart - "Little Yellow Spider" (Nino Rojo)
02. Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire - "11:11" (The Swimming Hour)
03. Elf Power - "The Sun is Forever" (The Winter is Coming)
04. Fleet Foxes - "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" (Ragged Wood)
05. Neutral Milk Hotel - "The King of Carrot Flowers Pt.1" (In An Aeroplane Over The Sea)

06. The Grateful Dead - "Box of Rain" (American Beauty)

07. Iron and Wine - "Teeth in the Grass" (Our Endless Numbered Days)

08. M.Craft - "Dragonfly" (Silver and Fire)

09. The Phoenix Foundation - "Sea World" (Pegasus)

10. Rogue Wave - "Be Kind + Remind" (Out of the Shadow)

11. Simon and Garfunkel - "A Hazy Shade of Winter" (Bookends)

12. Vashti Bunyan - "Come Wind Come Rain" (Just Another Diamond Day)

13. The Vines - "Sun Child" (Winning Days)

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