Will the the supremely cool girl who is about to turn 23 ever fall for the also supremely cool 19 year old who’s only downside is he can’t buy her drinks yet at the bar?

01. This Town Needs Guns - “If I Sit Still, Maybe I Will Get Out of Here” (Animals)

02. Person L - “The Positives” (The Positives)

03. Dashboard Confessional - “As Lovers Go” (A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar)

04. Right Away, Great Captain! - “I Wait for You” (The Church of the Good Thief)

05. The Postal Service - “Recycled Air” (Give Up)

06. The Killers - “Change Your Mind” (Hot Fuss)

07. Bon Iver - “For Emma” (For Emma, Forever Ago)

08. Jimmy Eat World - “12.23.95” (Clarity)

09. Fleet Foxes - “Someone You’d Admire” (Helplessness Blues)

10. O’Brother - “Ascension” (The Death of Day)

11. American Football - “Summer Ends” (American Football)

I hope things look up for you, bud. This mix tape highlights the up-and-down feeling I’m sure you’re facing and hopefully you can find some answers in them. I don’t think love should be determined by age, but if your girl does, tell her the “(age/2) + 7” equation, which would put you in her arms! Happy day!

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