At you Sir, I shake my tiny fist!

01. Artic Monkeys – "Riot Van" (Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not)
02. Blonde Rehead – "Equus" (Misery Is A Butterfly)
03. Brandston – "Friend or Faux" (Hello, Control)
04. Dirty Pretty Things – "The Enemy" (2006 Waterloo To Anywhere)
05. Dr Manhattan – "Gunpowder: A Ballet" (Dr Manhattan)
06. Explosions In the Sky – "Catastrophe And the Cure" (All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone)
07. The Go! Team – "Grip Like a Vice" (Proof of Youth)
08. Hard-Fi – "I Shall Overcome" (Once Upon A Time In the West)
09. Hot Hot Heat – "No, Not Now" (Make up the Breakdown)
10. Los Campesinos! – "Don't Tell Me To Do The Math(s)" (Hold On Now, Youngster…)
11. She Wants Revenge – "Tear You Apart" (She Wants Revenge)
12. Tracy And the Plastics – "Ain't Never Gonna Die" (Muscler's Guide to Videonics)

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