You’re my Australian Lova, and I miss you

01. Rowland S. Howard - “Dead Radio” (Teenage Snuff Film)
02. Paul Kelly - “Before Too Long” (Gossip)
03. The Sleepy Jackson - “Good Dancers” (Lovers)
04. The Triffids - “Bury Me Deep in Love” (Calenture)
05. Nick Cave - “Straight to You” (Henry’s Dream)
06. The Go-Betweens - “Dive for your Memory” (16 Lover’s Lane)
07. Dirty Three - “Sue’s Last Ride” (Horse Stories)
08. The Drones - “Cold & Sober” (Havilah)
09. iOTA - “Come Back for Me” (Beauty Queen of the Sea)
10. Crowded House - “Don’t Dream it’s Over” (Crowded House)
11. Oren Ambarchi - “Salt” (Audience of One)
12. Tom Waits - “Tom Traubert’s Blues [Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen]” (Small Change)

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