Ane Brun A Temporary Dive

[V2; 2006]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: singer-songwriter, adult alternative
Others: Beth Orton, Cat Power, Neko Case, Patsy Cline

HARP said to call her the Anti DiFranco. I guess that would work, if she hadn't learned how to play guitar and develop her own style by covering, among other things, Ani DiFranco. I'd say Ane Brun is more along the lines of what could've become of Sheryl Crow had she started hanging out with Jewel at the turn of the millennium instead of Kid Rock. Alternatively, she's what Jewel could have become if she had her heart broken and actually reflected on who would save her soul instead of getting sprayed with a fire hose at the Daytona 500. But enough pointlessness...

Ane "Brun" Brunvoll is a Norwegian singer-songwriter currently trading wares in Sweden. Although she comes from the suicide capital of the planet, her lyrics are... actually, her lyrics tend to reflect that fact. While she is intermittently committed to the thought that love is there to be had, her poetical imagery is as icy as the piano and strings that often accompany her. Whilst emo continues down the spiral of catering to the emotionless and the emotionally impotent, A Temporary Dive is a gem of an honest break-up album. Hear that, emo? Those are called feelings. You'll understand when you grow up.

1. To Let Myself Go
2. Rubber & Soul
3. Balloon Ranger
4. My Lover Will Go
5. Temporary Dive
6. Laid In Earth
7. This Voice
8. Where Friend Rhymes With End
9. Song No.6 feat. Ron Sexsmith
10. The Fight Song
11. Little Lights feat. Syd Matters

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