Blue Sky, Black Death A Heap Of Broken Images

[Mush; 2006]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: underground hip-hop/electronica
Others: Boom Bip, Buck 65, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock

Ah, the elusive double disc debut album. It's by no means an arbitrary gamble on behalf of San Francisco producers Kingston and Young God. Disc one is a mood piece of instrumental hip-hop, consisting of philosophically doomy samples, light electronic touches, reflective beats, Young God's own guitar, bass, and piano, and the odd recorded violin and cello. That alone makes A Heap Of Broken Images the most impressive hip-hop introduction since Blockhead's Music By Cavelight. Then there's the second disc, which sees the Bay area duo crafting their sullen beats with emcees like Guru (Gang Starr), Jus Allah, Rob Sonic, Lil' Sci, and The Holocaust (Wu-Tang) in mind. In one neat little package, Blue Sky, Black Death's beats prove both interesting when complementing the vocals and as the center of attention. It's another sure bet for the dependable, influential Mush label.

Disc 1:
1. Skies Open
2. Days Are Years
3. Chloroform
4. Not Here
5. They Came Around
6. Dream of Dying
7. From Sun's Angle
8. Rap Creature Land
9. Heroin for God
10. Guilty Ones
11. Dead Tree Gives No Shelter
12. Still Asleep
Disc 2:

1. Engage My Words feat. Jus Allah, Wise Intelligent, and Sabac Red
2. Street Legends feat. A-Plus & Pep Love
3. Floor Chalk [Best Reprise] feat. Guru & Chief Kamanchi
4. Scriptures feat. Lil' Sci
5. Long Division feat. Rob Sonic & Mike Ladd
6. I Catch Fire feat. The Holocaust
7. Grimey Styles feat. Mikah-9
8. Brain Cells feat. Virtuoso
9. Everything feat. AWOL One
10. It Wasn't White