Built to Spill Perfect From Now On

[Warner Bros; 1997]

Rating: 5/5

Styles: sprawling indie-rock with plunky rhythms and several Neil Young hot buttons
Others: Modest Mouse, 764-HERO, Halo Benders, Archers Of Loaf

Eight songs of pure genius. Not just a whole bunch of singles slapped together as an album, but songs that are piled on one another that transports you to (pardon the cliché) another space and time. Perfect From Now On is a collection of sophisticated, complex, and beautiful masterpieces. None of the songs follow the standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus format. Doug Martsch has an amazing way of turning a simple pop song into a surprisingly original piece of music. Guitars are the main ingredient to Built to Spill's sound. You can hear the layers of guitars stacked upon one another as they urge you to follow them to the next song. With the constant dynamic changes, the songs keep you thoroughly entertained. I smile every time I hear an occasional choppiness in the guitar, a slight tempo change, or a seemingly wrong note -- but that's part of the beauty of this album. It's easy to tell that they did not plan every note and that the songs sort of took themselves where they had to go.

1. Randy Described Eternity
2. I Would Hurt a Fly
3. Stop the Show
4. Made up Dreams
5. Velvet Waltz
6. Out of Site
7. Kicked It in the Sun
8. Untrustable, Pt. 2

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