Chris Joss You’ve Been Spiked

[Cristal/ESL; 2004]

Styles: Blaxploitation film soundtracks, neo-soul-disco-dj-funk
Others: Dimitri From Paris, Basement Jaxx, Esquivel

If Austin Powers had a bit more indie cred, he might've been listening to You've Been Spiked instead of that hackneyed cover of "American Woman." French Producer/DJ Chris Joss brings us poor, funk-deprived Americans a set of smooth, palpitating numbers that touch upon three decades worth of jams and about three different continents. In a swift 50 minutes, "You've Been Spiked" manages to run the gamut from sun-kissed tropicalia ("Early Morning Wanderings") to spies in swinging London ("Discoteque Dancing") to the soul brothas and sistas of Superfly and Foxy Brown ("Drink Me Hot") to some straight up Studio 54 action ("A Part In The Show") all the way up to the morphine glaze of Portishead and the Mo' Wax label ("Waves Of Love"). Though there's a twist at every turn, Joss maintains a style all his own- taking as much from the aforementioned genres as he puts into the mix. Joss has a real potential to reach a lot of different fans, but ultimately, You've Been Spiked is the kind of musical cocktail you could only hear wafting on a breeze in the hippest part of town. I've been spiked, indeed.

1. Discotheque Dancing
2. You've Been Spiked
3. Drink Me Hot
4. Wrong Alley Street (Part 1)
5. Riviera 69
6. Shellah V.
7. Wrong Alley Street (Part 3)
8. Waves of Love
9. A Part In That Show
10. Early Morning Wanderings
11. Waking Up In The Park
12. The Man With The Suitcase (Bonus Track)
13. The Wait (Bonus Track)

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