Djwwww U.S.M!

[Flamebait; 2015]

Styles: 2015, jump-cut, avant-garde
Others: Hi-Hi-Whoopee, Nicole Brnnan, James Ferraro, Sentinel, Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf

U.S.M! is a micro-montage of and for the digital world, at the same time infinite and transitory. It’s a world where Djwwww is simultaneously omnipresent and unbodied, interacting with almost every URL in your SoundCloud feed. In other words, he is the feed-based god who is forging your existence into a new [far side virtual] reality. On U.S.M!, Djwwww sounds like he’s shuffling through your housemate’s iTunes library, skipping, unsettled, through Pusha T’s “40 Acres,” Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools,” Grimes’s “Be a Body,” D’Angelo’s “Devil’s Pie,” Janet Jackson’s “Doesn’t Really Matter,” and all the while intercepting your Skype calls and feeding off your news feed.

U.S.M! is an output of Flamebait, following after a string of releases on Quantum Natives and Lil $ega’s own Wasabi Tapes, archetypes that featured a run of collaborators including Nicole Brennan, MC PLAY-STATION®, and Minourakentaro. U.S.M!, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive image of Djwwww’s specific being, with each short sample-ridden segment offering a bite of true realism. Stylistically, it’s the CPU equivalent of Naked City’s jump-cut abstractions, comprised of 26 cybernated avant-garde miniatures, an unfolding from vaporwave’s early fluidity.

It’s like the internal mechanisms of Shazam on automatic attempting to discern popular song from a barrage of noise, as you navigate your environment yet ultimately fail to disentangle any familiar meaning from the battery of militaristic bangs, media interference, breaking glass, or the neighbors’ ghetto blaster. Networked producers — the likes of E+E, Chino Amobi, Gobby, and Sentinel — serve as debris to Djwwww’s subversions, reintegrating and at once disintegrating sonic fragments of 2015. The conception is understandable if you pay attention to his on-stream intercommunication, where there’s a synergy marked by rapid uploads and commented feels —

“my boi”

— points of contact that symbolize the scary moments of consumption, after which Djwwww will retch back the waste into one of his industrious medleys.

Links: Djwwww - Flamebait

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