Guapo Elixirs

[Neurot; 2008]

Styles: experimental prog-jazz-rock
Others: Cerberus Shoal, Ruins

My search perennial for doors creaky and creepy-crawlies of the music world has led me to locales frightening. And to people frightening. Germans, mostly.

Oh, my delicious, British Guapo, my siren of night, my serpent in sand. El Guapo, I say should… Yes, you were a great teacher to me when I was not in very good touch with myself and audio. What I like about you — you always me give different to like reason you, album-in, -out.

And now, you come me to open arms and what offer? Masterpieces! I don't to want mouth in foot, but Elixirs might be your best thing you've done, ever. No really, I flatter you no!

I explain five steps in how Elixirs take over my brain, then I wrestling watch:

1. "Jewelled Turtle" start with strings that genuine make my stand on end hairs. Like movie Vincent Price horrors! Take Patton Mike from old times and him cross Ennio Morricone with; dash add rock-prog!! It only further anticipation whets for what next comes…
2. Engines, gentleman, start! Shift Guapo gear new into: progressive… like it I and. Toying with us but Guapo are. Only is beginning the this more because intensity round corner is. Ready get!
3. Have we now part two song, "Twisted Stems." Mellow get things point this at, piano with and cool-cat bass bringing down mood and stage setting chanting for Buddhist proud of would! Call that's I what experience spiritual! Moods ominous ignore too, impossible…
4. "Planks" two is first the of heavy-deavy tunes close that album the. Of seat edge sitting be you'll time entire! Don't worry but; get you'll break little next song before. Need it you'll …
5. Off knocking about talk socks my! "King Lindorm" finale is triumph a equals few with. Introduction an timpani of rumbling and samples weather stormy into segue torrential a downfall instruments of. Rock-prog-jazz fun this to supposed be? Is glad it I! Best the of year compositions this one, nonebar, mention not to way perfect a the album end to! Storm perfect a, be sure to.

I know speak my understand hard, something me tells but understand you'll enough glean to much how album love I. Important what's that's, it isn't?

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