Lake Trout Another One Lost

[Palm; 2003]

Rating: 2/5

Styles: alternative rock
Others: Dismemberment Plan, Radiohead, Our Lady Peace

Lake Trout loves reverb. They love special effects and trippy bass and spacey vocal filters. They have solid chops and a good production team. But here's the problem: Who cares, really? Where are these people that play all the instruments on the jazz fusion records they make in their basements? Who are buying Super Audio CD players? Please find these people and send them Lake Trout's way, because I sure as hell can't get anything out of the three and a half minutes of stuttering drums and echoey "ahhs" of a track like "Her." At least singer and multi-instrumentalist Woody Ranere's plaintive vocals take on a pleasant Rufus Wainwright quality on "Stutter" and "Holding." But how many albums do you like that have seven songs with one-word titles. And come to think of it, do you think you'd like something called "Stutter"? Lake Trout has the wall-of-sound thing going for them, but if they're looking for the bridge between audiophiles and Our Lady Peace fans, they'll have to look elsewhere.

1. Stutter
2. Say Something
3. Her
4. Holding
5. Mine
6. Bliss
7. Still
8. Another One Lost
9. Burr (The Man)
10. I Was Wrong
11. Last Words
12. Look Who It Is
13. Iris