Nobody Tree Colored See (with Mystic Chords Of Memory)

[Mush; 2006]

Styles: instrumental hip-hop, downtempo, psychedelic pop, West Coast electronic
Others: Four Tet, Prefuse 73, Kid Loco, Anticon Collective, Alias & Tarsier

Oh man, this is one beautifully inspired Mush collaboration. The feel-good Summer of Love vibes emanate from Tree Colored See like trails and insights from a fresh batch of Owsley's electric Kool-Aid. One of the few pristine purveyors of psychedelic hip-hop, Nobody (known to his friends as Elvin Estella), former Beachwood Spark Chris Gunst, and Jen Cohen of The Aislers Set have benefited from mutual assistance in the past, however briefly. But by the many hands of some obviously loving and generous god(s), brief conspiracy has led to a fully realized joining of creative independent minds. Tracks here usually pivot around Nobody's signature trip-hop fuzz beats — which continue to mature, progressing from his earlier albums and more cartoony beats — as well as Chris' foreboding '60s lyricism and Elliott-Smith-on-Zoloft delivery, which are complimented by a plethora of summery live instrumentation blurring the already hazy line between folk and country.

Even though Nobody's name appears first in the listing, he has no problem taking a back seat for more contemplative numbers. The chime-riddled, harmonica-led "Memory," the chugging folk stomper "Coyote's Song," and the most Elliott-like "Softer Sail" best exemplify this capacity to work as a part of a team, while the more traditional trip-hop arrangement "Decision, Decision" demonstrates the best of their total abilities. I hope this is an indication that they had as much fun making Tree Colored See as it sounds like they did. The more albums like this, the better.

1. The Seed
2. Decisions, Decisions
3. Broaden A New Sound
4. Coyote's Song (When You Hear It Too)
5. Memory
6. Klaw Prints
7. Walk In The After Light
8. When The End Meets The Beginning
9. Feet Upon The Sand
10. Softer Sail
11. Floating