P:ano Brigadoon

[Mint; 2005]

Styles: chamber pop, indie rock
Others: Yo La Tengo, Low, Ida, Microphones, Wilco, Bedhead, Elephant Six

As a Canadian living in Scotland back in 2003, I have one memory that still strikes me clear as when it happened. I wasn't really expecting it, but I figured a few stores might get a copy of the new Sloan in. Still getting my Chart Magazines in, I knew the release date, and so that Monday and for a few Mondays after, I looked for Action Pact to no avail. After some time, I passed by the new release section and was disgusted to see the new Nickelback out the day of in both digipak and jewel case supply. Until the day I die, I will not understand the system that would give acts like Avril Lavigne instantaneous worldwide distribution, while The Tragically Hip fester in their fraction market homeland.

Likewise, it's doubtful you've heard of P:ano as Brigadoon, literally interpreted as an evasive but earthbound utopia, is even an "import" on Amazon.ca. Believe me, that is your loss. If there is such a thing as a nationally representative response, P:ano is Canada's answer to The Fiery Furnaces. While it may sound as though the Vancouver outfit dresses a Polyphonic Spree like menagerie for their spectacle, Brigadoon is the sound of but four people who somehow manage to mash up all manner of percussion, guitars, wind instruments, and piano/organ in a truly eclectic but far from inaccessible work of pop art.

Although the songs on Brigadoon are not linked thematically, I get a strong feeling of encompassing absurd, contemplative bliss from them like a family friendly Frank Zappa album. The lyrics gloss past tales of yearning and love lost as well as stories of "Ghost Pirates" and how "Candy Is Nice" that features the apt line "for ‘Ten Cents A Dance'/ I could bust out a menacing prance." The lower key tracks rest on the vocal duet of pianist/guitarist Nick Kryovich and trumpet/organist Larissa Loyva with suitable piano and accordion accompaniment recreating the memorable Pet Sounds "Sloop John B" / "God Only Knows" dynamic... psycho-spiritually, anyway. So let's help get these guys some well deserved worldwide exposure, eh? I'd love to see some good Canadian rock get out there for once.

1. Covered Wagons
2. Supermarket One
3. Leave Me With The Boy
4. He Will Come Beck To Me
5. The Rescuer
6. Heavens
7. Storm The Gates
8. The Snow
9. You The Widow
10. Pure Evil
11. Georgey The Horsey
12. The Monster Mash
13. Dark Hills
14. Sweet Sweets
15. Somebody Get Me Annette
16. Ghost Pirates
17. Light O' Love
18. Candy Is Nice
19. Clapping Hands
20. OC
21. The Cameroon
22. The True Light