Tight Bro’s From Way Back When Lend You A Hand

[Kill Rock Stars; 2001]

Styles: metal, rock, alternative rock
Others: AC/DC, The Ramones, Led Zeppelin

Not too long ago rock bands ruled the sounds of contemporary music. The hard metal sounds of AC/DC, Motley Crue and Guns ‘N Roses thrived amongst the 80s scene. Then, like Darwin’s theory, things progressed and new sounds evolved. Grunge hit the mainstream, pop made a comeback, and lo-fi began to develop. Music will continue to change and progress just like everything else in this world. However, there will always be those kids whose parental influence conjures up the days of old. Instead of listening to the contemporary radio, kids will pick up the cassette tapes from their parents basement. Some of these kids will then imitate what they hear.

Based out of Olympia, Washington, Tight Bro’s From Way Back When is a throwback from yesteryear. They bring with them a sound similar to a mix of AC/DC, The Ramones and Led Zeppelin on acid. Put out by everybody’s favorite label, Kill Rock Stars, Lend You a Hand finds the Bro’s producing their second full-length album. Reminiscent of the old Headbanger’s Ball, this band just wants to kick your ass.

This album begins with a methodical pace set out by its first track “Make it a Habit”. Fast and furious, the song cranks out like an anthem to the past gods of rock n roll. Screaming vocals and an overbearing lead guitar are the main staple throughout the album. The lead singer’s voice is pretty annoying; I began to get a headache after listening to the album a second time. There is hardly any change, or mix up throughout. I put my cd player on random just to test myself and see if I could recognize the songs in a different order. It didn’t work. The funny part is, there are supposedly two cover songs on this album, but I couldn't interpret those from the rest. I suppose there are some redeeming characteristics of this group: they keep the 40+ crowds happy. However, I truly wonder if these guys weren’t on KRS, would anyone actually pay attention? Would this band get glowing reviews? I doubt it.

There is a need in music to revisit our past, but sometimes it’s better to forget it. Tight Bro’s brings us back to black clothing, leather, hair spray and the heavy metal that made skinny kids in junior high scared. Truthfully, I used to own Guns N Roses, Led Zepplin, AC/DC and Metallica albums back in the day. I used to enjoy them as well; they had a redeeming quality that set them apart from the thrashings of heavy metal. I cannot find this same quality in Lend You A Hand. It is just a typical album that should be categorized in the 80s discount bin at your local record store.

1. Make It a Habit
2. Bless Me
3. Might & Maybe
4. My Bad Luck
5. Bring Your Thunder
6. Gimme the Key
7. Nose in the Corner
8. Show Me (Tex)
9. Badger
10. Because I Said So
11. Lend You a Hand
12. Inside Looking Out