Von Iva Von Iva EP

[Cochon; 2004]

Styles: disco-punk-new wave-soul
Others: The Bellrays, Courtney Love

First thing to say about this record is that the typography sucks. Second thing to say about this record is that the first thing hardly matters. When was the last time you bought a record because of the typography? (And if the answer to that question is some time in the last month then you probably have too much disposable cash and should consider giving some to the Courtney Love for president [Moldova] campaign. You get a badge and a Courtney 4 Prez campaign newsletter every fortnight. Which is a bargain at twice the price.) Third thing to say about this record is that it's pretty good.

It's got a groove that's supposed to make you wanna dance (D-A-N-C-E) and the kind of drawling, soulful vocals that might make you think that someone had been writing songs with one ear on the future of the R-A-D-I-O. But that's not the case here; these girls are 100% authentic, yes sir. Well that's what it says in the press release anywho, and I'm not about to argue with THAT. It's a bit like a new wave/no wave version of the Bellrays Punk Rock, scratch the big guitars, and replace them with squirty keyboard riffs and LOTS of bass in the mix. And the singer quite wants to be Tina rather than Aretha, but what the hell; we've all gotta have heroes right? Most days I wish I was someone else. Lots of the time it's Justin T cos he's super fine, but sometimes its that guy from T-Rex. Not Marc Bolan, the other one.

Fourth thing to say about this record is that it's only twenty minutes and thirty three seconds long across six songs. Which works out at three minutes and twenty-five and a half seconds for each song. Which is a shame, because EVERYBODY knows that the perfect length for a pop song is two minutes and twenty two seconds. This is only their first record though, so maybe they'll work that out and take a minute or so off when it comes to their full-length record.

Von Iva are er... well pretty good. They've got a good ear for catchy keyboards, and some of the basslines are great, but as a whole this record isn't all that. It has some good moments though, and their full length might be worth looking out for.

COURTNEY 4 PREZ (Liechtenstein)
COURTNEY 4 PREZ (Bulgaria)
COURTNEY 4 PREZ (Go Team!!?!£?%£?&**$$$)

1. Same Sad Song
2. Feel It!
3. Not Hot to Trot
4. Showboat
5. Soulshaker
6. Solid Gold