Whirlwind Heat Do Rabbits Wonder?

[Third Man/V2; 2003]

Rating: 1.5/5

Styles: Art-punk, Garage Rock
Others: Giddy Motors, Devo, White Stripes

Let’s get one thing straight, the album should have a sticker on it saying: Not everything that Jack White touches turns to gold!  With that in mind, most listeners of Whirlwind Heat’s Do Rabbits Wonder? won’t be surprised on how bad this album really is. Yes, not even the saviour of rock and roll garage blues can make this troop sound and perform first-rate. The only word that comes to mind is ‘unbearable’.

Now you may think, how cruel is to give Whirlwind Heat such a bad rap? Firstly, I am a very passive person that does not enjoy confrontation and secondly, it took me a lot of courage to write this review. I originally thought that I would dismiss this album and review something that was worth the attention it deserved. But the further I dove into the album, the worse I felt for anyone who would consider spending their hard earned money on this album.  So consider this a warning, spend your money elsewhere.

So what is so bad about this album? Do Rabbits Wonder? starts with its unoriginal title and progresses into dimness very quickly. The vocals are insufferable, the instrumentation is cliché and the overall sound is lethargic. And lets not forget the obtuse use of colours for song titles: dumb! Do Rabbits Wonder? is dreadful and appalling and shows that Mr. Jack White needs to focus more clearly on talent instead of catching the wave of mainstream. Somewhere out there are several hard-working, talented groups waiting for their chance to give it all they have and receive the exposure they deserve. Whirlwind Heat is not one of those bands.

I hope I’ve said enough and I am going to stop my review right here. I am going to go wash my mouth out with soap and spend more of my time focusing on reviewing an album worth the attention. But first, I am going to give my copy of Whirlwind Heat’s Do Rabbits Wonder? to somebody I really don’t like and tell them that this is the best album ever released. Then I’m going to giggle to myself excessively.

1. Orange
2. Black
3. Purple
4. Tan
5. Green
6. Blue
7. Yellow
8. Pink
9. Red
10. Brown
11. Silver
12. White
13. Grey

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