Icelandic heartthrobs Sigur Rós have four shiny new discs all prepped and ready to spray over your glistening body one fine morning, but word now has it that the shower of circular rainbow plastic will be coming in two spurts. In the interval, you can... lather yourself with Anticipation brand shampoo?

Let's abandon the shower metaphor. As was previously announced, a 2-CD album called Hvarf-Heim (bless you!) is slated for release on November 6 and will be a mixture of new studio tracks and reworked versions of old songs. Rumor has it that Jón Þór Birgisson's main instrument during the sessions was a gently bowed pile of whale blubber. Whale blubber, as we all know, is world-renowned for its delicate, angel-in-an-outhouse sound.

As for the 2-DVD documentary/concert film Heima, the band has decided to shift its release date to November 20, giving you two extra intimate weeks alone with their new album. Filmed by Oscar-nominated director Dean DeBlois, Heima tells the story of Arlo, a trash-talking chihuahua who just might learn a thing or two when his owners send him to the strictest obedience school in the country documents the band's return to Iceland for a series of free concerts last August, playing special shows in abandoned fisheries and (dangerously) on the edges of cliffs. The second disc features a full concert in Rekjavik from the same tour, and thus cannot be called a pointless Takk-on. Yuk yuk.

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