Upcoming 100% Silk documentary reportedly as shiny and smooth as the underpants you wear to the country club

Upcoming 100% Silk documentary reportedly as shiny and smooth as the underpants you wear to the country club

When you’re hanging with rich white people at the country club or whatever and want your genitals to feel as pampered as weird sweaty royalty, you turn to 100% silk underpants. They’re the underpants you can trust. When you’re like, “Hey, I’m in the mood for some super sweet tunes to soundtrack me grinding up on these rich white people in my soft, shiny underpants,” you turn to the L.A.-based label 100% Silk, because it’s the label you can trust. With folks like Octo Octa, Maria Minerva, and Ital on the roster, both you and the rich white people you’re grinding up on are guaranteed to be grinning.

Well guess what? Now you have an excuse to open your eyes during all this grinding, because 100% Silk is about to enter the wide world of film. As XLR8R reports, the label, and in particular their 2012 European group tour, are slated to be the subjects of a film directed by Benjamin Shearn. It’s called Silk, which is about 100% shorter than what I would have predicted the title would be. In addition to following “the performances, cultural environments, and global scenes through which the troupe traveled” back in 2012, the film will make its artsiness absolutely clear by being intercut with dance sequences choreographed by performed by Mecca Vazie Andrews and the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company. The sequences are designed to convey elements of the featured artists’ philosophies and approaches that apparently a regularly movie just wouldn’t carry. That does sound pretty artsy, and boy howdy do I love artsy things!

The film is set to debut next month in Denmark at the Copenhagen International Film Festival. If your mind is an actual sieve, you’re probably not sentient. If your mind is only a little bit like a sieve, though, I’ll remind you that Massacred for Gold, a film soundtracked by the smoothest and shiniest guy named Tim that I’m aware of, Tim Hecker, will debut at the same festival. Hooray for coincidences! While you try to think of other things you know about Denmark that don’t have to do with Hamlet so you don’t feel like a globally unaware jerk, you can watch the trailer for Silk below.

Silk film: http://www.dancetosilk.com
• 100% Silk: http://www.listentosilk.com

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