100% Silk to leave you 100% interested in electronic dance music with joint tour, assuming you weren’t already, and provided you fork over some dough

100% Silk to leave you 100% interested in electronic dance music with joint tour, assuming you weren't already, and provided you fork over some dough

100% Silk isn’t just the fabric composition of your average metrosexual’s leopard-print bed sheets; it’s also the name of a Los Angeles-based label (an offshoot of Not Not Fun) still covered in amniotic fluid, and specializing in “bliss-disco & basement luxury grooves by friends and lovers from all over the world.” It’s possible that you’re already familiar with one of its primary apostles, Ital, who recently debuted Hive Mind (TMT Review) for Planet Mu. Although, just because he’s seemingly hit the big-time (depending on your standards) doesn’t mean he’s decided to forsake his partners in SoCal. On the contrary, Ital, along with three of his smooth-to-the-touch siblings — LA Vampires, Magic Touch, and Maria Minerva — are embarking on a “lengthy” group tour this June, for which they’ll travel throughout Europe and beyond. Obviously, given the fact that sustaining a label still in its youth isn’t cheap, the folks at 100% Silk are requesting that fans donate whatever amount they can, so that the aforementioned artists can experience all of the touristy things that cities around Europe have to offer. I mean, have you seen the view at Le 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant in Paris? It’s completely breathtaking, and a superb ornament to perfectly roasted canard à l’orange.

The truth is actually much more compelling than that. 1oo% Silk is, in fact, accepting donations, but it has nothing to do with touristy activities; a simultaneous goal of the upcoming tour is to produce a film documenting the underground dance scene, of which clubs in Europe are undoubtedly the center of. Here’s how 100% Silk describe their aspirations: “As the 100% Silk tour spans a spectrum of venue types and sizes and scenes, it will offer an intriguing window into the various ramifications of this rebirth of 21st century electronic body music.” More specifically, “the tour documentary will be more of an expressionistic, experiential portrait of a certain slice of the underground dance scene than a straightforward analytical profile. The film will strive to be much like the music: modern, hybridized, joyous, exciting, homegrown, inclusive.” So, basically, it’d be better if people were rolling while they watched it?

Check out the preview below for scenes of people currently having more fun than you, and click here for more information on the proposed documentary.

100% SILK UK/EUROPEAN TOUR teaser from 100% Silk on Vimeo.

• 100% Silk: http://www.listentosilk.com

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