13 & God are back; four horsemen of the apocalypse ride to celebrate new album

13 & God are back; four horsemen of the apocalypse ride to celebrate new album

The Anticon collective has been edging away from its hip-hop roots more and more these days, what with WHY?’s evolution into merely rap-inflected pop and the release of beat-centric quasi-chillwave Baths. Anticon’s genre-bending nature goes all the way back to 1999, but it was in 2005 that 13 & God made it all the more obvious. 13 & God combined Themselves (Adam “Doseone” Drucker, Anticon founder, plus Jeffrey “Jel” Logan and Dax Pierson) and German electronic group The Notwist (siblings Markus and Micha Archer, with Martin Gretschmann) for a self-titled album (TMT Review) that was nothing if not interesting as a sum of its parts.

After all this time, 13 & God have announced triumphantly that Anticon will release their sophomore full-length, Own Your Ghost, on May 17. For the new album, Doseone recruited Jordan Dalrymple from Subtle, and voilà: 13 & God become a “bona fide band,” that “[carves] out a genre that is distinctly theirs” — which was Anticon’s original intention as a label, wasn’t it…?

Own Your Ghost tracklisting:

01. Its Own Sun
02. Death Major
03. Armored Scarves
04. Janu Are
05. Old Age
06. Et Tu
07. Death Minor
08. Sure as Debt
09. Beat on Us
10. Unyoung

• 13 & God: http://www.myspace.com/13andgod
• Anticon: http://www.anticon.com

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