33 1/3 series announces call for proposals; will Lenny Kravitz’s Circus get passed over again?

33 1/3 series announces call for proposals; will Lenny Kravitz's Circus get passed over again?

The venerable 33 1/3 book series, which gives authors the chance to take an in-depth look at individual albums, has opened up the path to publication with an all-call for proposals! Now’s your chance to finally get all those musings on the importance of The Backstreet Boy’s opus, Millennium to the masses! Want to convince folks that Lulu is a misunderstood masterpiece? Go for it! Feel ready to canonize Lana Del Rey? Step right up!

If you want to give it a go, the series publisher, Bloomsbury (which acquired Continuum last year), is asking interested parties to submit the following:

• Your professional CV/resume, including full contact details;
• A draft annotated table of contents for the book and an approximate date of completion;
• A draft introduction/opening chapter for the book, of around 2,000 words;
• Your analysis of the most relevant competing books already published about the artist in question or the scene surrounding that artist — and how your book will differ;
• A one-page sheet of how you would help Bloomsbury Academic market your book — websites/forums/listservs you’d contact directly; any artist involvement you might expect; any college-level courses on which you think your book could be used, and so on;
• Up to 1,000 words on which book, or parts of books, already published in the series you would aim to emulate on some level
• Copies of any fan fanfic, unread blog posts, or diary entries you’ve written relating to the album*

Submissions must be emailed to 33proposals@gmail.com sometime between March 19 and April 30, and your selected album can’t have already been covered — bad news for all the Let’s Talk About Love fans out there…

* Not actually part of the submission package

• 33 1/3: http://33third.blogspot.com

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