Vanilla Ice to stop, collaborate, and perform at Glastonbury?

Vanilla Ice to stop, collaborate, and perform at Glastonbury?

All right, stop. No seriously, stop, collaborate, and listen, because the media is going nuts reporting that Vanilla Ice has confirmed an appearance at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, alongside acts like Animal Collective, Blur, and Neil Young. The “confirmation,” as publications like Spinner and NME are reporting, was made through a post on his MySpace page, but the actual post has apparently been taken down, perhaps because the full lineup for Glastonbury has yet to be announced. (You can see the main stage line up here.)

Assuming the post was legit, Vanilla Ice didn’t actually land a spot to lay down his rhymes on a stage. Instead, according to the original MySpace post, he is scheduled to perform inside one of the bars at the festival on June 24. That makes sense though, when you consider the fact that you’d have to be intoxicated to think it’s funny and ironic to watch him perform.

Glastonbury runs from June 23 to 27 and tickets go on sale at 9 AM on April 11, with or without Ice.

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