A Winged Victory for the Sullen share teaser for next full-length Atomos, announce tour dates

A Winged Victory for the Sullen share teaser for next full-length Atomos, announce tour dates

On October 6, Kranky and Erased Tapes will release the second album from A Winged Victory for the Sullen, the ambient (or as their Facebook categorizes them, “harmonic robitussin”) duo of Adam Wiltzie (also of Stars of the Lid) and Dustin O’Halloran. The follow-up to their stunningly elegiac 2011 self-titled debut, Atomos was originally composed for Random Dance Company founder and resident choreographer of the Royal Ballet Wayne McGregor who commissioned an original score from Wiltzie and O’Halloran for a dance piece. It was only once they found themselves deep in the recording process that the pair recognized they were creating their second album, which finds them expanding on their chamber sound with the addition of more electronic elements.

If you weren’t sold on it back in April when they released the “teaser” EP Atomos VII then check out the album trailer below along with the tracklist and upcoming tour dates.

Atomos tracklist:

01. Atomos I
02. Atomos II
03. Atomos III
04. Atomos V
05. Atomos VI
06. Atomos VII
07. Atomos VIII
08. Atomos IX
09. Atomos X
10. Atomos XI
11. Atomos XII

Tour dates:

10.17.14 - Brighton, UK - St. George’s Church
10.18.14 - Cardiff, UK - Dimswm
10.19.14 - London, UK - Milton Court at Barbican Centre
10.20.14 - London, UK - Milton Court at Barbican Centre
10.25.14 - Antwerp, Belgium - De Roma
11.20.14 - Paris, France - La Flèche d’Or
11.21.14 - Bruges, Belgium - Cactus
11.22.14 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Le Guess Who Festival
11.24.14 - Leipzig, Germany - UT Connewitz
11.25.14 - Heidelberg, Germany - Pret a Ecouter Festival
11.27.14 - Yverdon, Switzerland - L’Amalgame
11.28.14 - Luzern, Switzerland - Südpol
12.09.14 - Seattle, WA - The Triple Door
12.10.14 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
12.14.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever
12.16.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent

• A Winged Victory for the Sullen: http://www.awvfts.com
• Kranky: http://www.kranky.net
• Erased Tapes: http://www.erasedtapes.com

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