Adult Swim announces this summer’s line-up of hot, sexy, nude, digital singles, including Fatima Al-Qadiri, Tim Hecker, Future, RP Boo, and more!

Adult Swim announces this summer's line-up of hot, sexy, nude, digital singles, including Fatima Al-Qadiri, Tim Hecker, Future, RP Boo, and more!

Gee, if I didn’t think Adult Swim purported to such a high degree of literacy, I’d say the folks over there spend a lot of time reading TMT! Ha HA! Ziiiiiiing!

But seriously, folks: according to an “exclusive” report on Billboard yesterday, the TV network has announced this year’s round of digital singles, and the artists, which include the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Sleep, Future, Fatima Al-Qadiri, RP Boo, Tim Hecker, and others, kinda reads like a veritable TMT staff list (minus all of those annoyingly clever little blurbs we’re always force-feeding you).

For real though, what gives with the left-field music choices over there? Are they just trolling search engines or what? Well, according to Jason DeMarco, VP of Adult Swim On-Air, “Adult Swim has become a success by making great shows and putting out great work without worrying too much about what’s mainstream. For us, it’s more interesting to use the platform of Adult Swim to provide great music — whether the artist is a known act, a ‘name,’ an up-and-comer, or a total unknown.”

The series’ fifth season, which begins June 9 and runs for 16 weeks, through September 22, will feature all-new tracks that are exclusive to Adult Swim’s thing and will be available for free, either as a download or stream at the Adult Swim site, as well as on the Adult Swim SoundCloud and YouTube pages. All the music will also be released through Adult Swim’s Williams Street label, and all tracks will be able for download at the end of the season. In the mean time, if there’s any artists you need to familiarize yourself with, I know a website where you can probably get some pretty reliable reviews…

Adult Swim Singles 2014 Schedule:

06.09.14 - Giorgio Moroder
06.16.14 - Machinedrum
06.23.14 - Destruction Unit
07.04.14 - Fatima Al-Qadiri
07.07.14 - Tim Hecker
07.14.14 - Speedy Ortiz
07.21.14 - Sleep
07.28.14 - Future (w/animated video)
08.04.14 - Diarrhea Planet
08.11.14 - Oozing Wound
08.18.14 - Captain Murphy
08.25.14 - Deafheaven
09.01.14 - RP Boo
09.08.14 - Mastodon Feat. Gibby Haynes
09.15.14 - Run The Jewels
09.22.14 - KA

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