Adventure announces sophomore album for Carpark, is easier to Google than you’d think

Adventure announces sophomore album for Carpark, is easier to Google than you'd think

In the last couple years, we’ve heard a lot about Baltimore. There are the givens, like John Waters’ tourist locations, The Wire, and a steady murder rate, but also Lower Dens, Wham City, Beach House, and a music scene gaining serious recognition. Back in 2008, Adventure (a.k.a. Benny Boeldt) emerged from the Wham City scene with a self-titled debut of Sega kitsch and frenzied beats. Two years is a long time to do nothing but tour and play antiquated consoles, and thus Carpark Records recently announced the forthcoming release of Adventure’s second full-length, The Lesser Known, out March 22.

Since the Baltimore Round Robins of old, bouncing along to a Donkey Kong dance party, Adventure has seemingly evolved from the quasi-chiptune style. The new album features real vocals (not Bladerunner clips) and New Wave-y synths. The songs are warmer, with distinctly human lyrics that, at times, are even emotional, with an almost chillwave vibe. It’s quite telling that to promote The Lesser Known, Boedlt has left behind his Dan Deacon and his B-more pals to a tour with Carpark compadre Toro Y Moi. Moreover, Adventure will play with a full band on the tour, yet to be finalized.

The Lesser Known tracklisting:

01. Open Door
02. Feels Like Heaven
03. Smoke and Mirrors
04. Fool’s Paradise
05. Rio
06. Lights Out
07. Relax the Mind
08. Another World
09. Electric Eel
10. Meadows

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