Adventure Signs to Carpark, To Release Debut in September

Wham City extraordinarily extraordinaire Benny Boeldt is Adventure, and Adventure is his debut album, set for release September 16 on Carpark. But does that mean Adventure is Benny? Does it mean that Benny himself is an album? Does it mean the release date is really Carpark, and that the record label is Benny's moniker? C'mon press release, tell me something good:

His ultra-melodic synth compositions pull from his earliest exposure to the 8-bit soundtracks of the Sega Genesis video game catalog. But it's not just retro video game music. Mix in the kitschy Moogy sound of Hot Butter's "Popcorn", the saturated disco-theatrics of late seventies electro-pop acts like Sparks and Yellow Magic Orchestra, and a penchant for Eastern European diminished scales and you've come pretty close to Adventure's accelerated baroque sound.

Adventure's tracklisting:

Adventure's tracklisting without line breaks: 1. Loredo 2. Poison Diamonds 3. Civilization 4. Hyper Glow 5. Travel Kid 6. Iron Stallion 7. Battle Cat 8. Wild Wild Ride 9. Ultra Zone 10. Crypt Castle Cult 11. Jurassic Park City

Finally, Adventure has a couple dates in June (at New York's Cake Shop on June 4 and at Talking Head in Baltimore the next day), but is planning on tagging along the Wham City Round Robin tour this October with Dan Deacon, Ponytail, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, and others. They all have new albums coming out too, as we've reported here and there. More dates too with Dan Deacon and Video Hippos!

[Photo: Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez]

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