Afrikan Sciences plans PAN debut Circuitous, out December 8

Afrikan Sciences plans PAN debut Circuitous, out December 8

When Bill Kouligas’ PAN label isn’t busy releasing some of my very favorite records of 2014, they’re busy putting out records that I’m currently kicking myself for not yet having spent enough time with. When they’re not doing either of those things, I suspect everyone that works at the label just turns into a ghost and floats around in the wiring of modular synths, which I can imagine gets pretty old pretty fast, which is why the label is so prolific. Unpopular opinion alert: Casper and Daniel Johnston lied to you, being a ghost does not sound fun.

Toward the end of not being ghosts, PAN has recently announced yet another full-length for the tail end of 2014, this one from Eric Douglas Porter’s Afrikan Sciences project entitled Circuitous. It’s Porter’s PAN debut after nearly a decade of work with California’s Deepblak. Afrikan Sciences’ work runs as fast as it can all skittery and polyrhythmic through the living rooms of “Afrofuturism, science fiction, transcendental free jazz, and future hip hop.” The album’s title track (embedded below), for example, is built on the back of a funky but slightly twisted breakbeat, and is held together by an under-the-table and constantly shifting melodicism. The full-length is out December 8; pre-order it as either CD or double LP right here.

Circuitous tracklist:

01. Two in the Chamber
02. Reddin Off
03. Transient Authority
04. Evolved in Twists
05. Circuitous
06. Kae
07. Feel
08. Swash
09. The Image
10. Group Home Reality
11. Alibi II
12. DBC
13. I’m Asking You KB
14. Tell Me Who Like That (Bedside Manner)

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