Aguirre reissues the Meditations of Brainticket flutist Joel Vandroogenbroeck

Aguirre reissues the Meditations of Brainticket flutist Joel Vandroogenbroeck

When Aguirre Records reissued Joel Van Droogenbroeck’s debut of library music, Biomechanoid, the world collectively said, “Thanks.” That album’s brand of dark ambient electronics showed a new side of the well-respected Brainticket flutist’s repertoire. Most of the music released in JVD’s post-Brainticket solo mode was issued by Coloursound Library, a label that gave the experimenter free reign to pursue any of his wide-ranging interests, from gamelan-influenced synth excursions to Oberheim DMX drum breaks.

Aguirre’s next batch of reissues relax to even more mellow zones. Meditations Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 both find JVD focusing on his solo flute skills, with plenty of synthetic color to fill out the edges. These Meditations were originally issued on Coloursound in 1980, the same year as Biomechanoid. Both volumes of the Aguirre reissue are available on vinyl now, in limited batches of 500 each.

Languish in “Group Meditation” below:

Meditations Vol. 1 tracklisting:

01. Group Meditation
02. Summer Clouds
03. Sand and Wind
04. Various Reflections
05. A Mantra

Vol. 2 tracklisting:

01. Contemplation
02. Gongs
03. Meditative Contemplation
04. Meditation

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