Air France break up, because they were never going to make dad happy

Air France break up, because they were never going to make dad happy

After 2008’s pretty great No Way Down EP, all eyes were on Sweden’s Air France. Eventually, they had to put out a full-length and, based on their past work, that full-length was going to be a doozy. If there’s one record I can’t wait for, it’s Air France’s record. What will it be like? I bet it’ll be good! I just can’t wait for this Air France record.

Well. About that.

Pitchfork reports that Air France have broken up, presumably due to the pressure from their dads, who would really like to know when they’re going to grow up and get a real job. The band’s announcement states that they’re breaking up because they were never able to make a record that they felt lived up to No Way Down. Evidently, the group produced approximately seven records, but none of their efforts measured up to their expectations. But I know the truth! It was definitely their dads. It’s always their dads. Last year, the group put out the “It Feels Good To Be Around You” single, which now serves as their final release. If you really need an Air France full-length, maybe just listen to that 10 times in a row?

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