Akira Sakata and Chikamorachi (Chris Corsano, Darin Gray) tour the world, spraying notes all over your clothes

Akira Sakata and Chikamorachi (Chris Corsano, Darin Gray) tour the world, spraying notes all over your clothes

In 2008, supreme alto saxophonist Akira Sakata made his way through Japan in a van, playing collaborative shows with Jim O’Rourke and back-up duo Chikamorachi a.k.a. many-limbed percussionist Chris Corsano and double-bassist Darin Gray. The recordings from these shows were deemed so “smokin’ hot” that Family Vineyard waited three years for them to cool down before releasing some selections last month as And That’s the Story of Jazz… (TMT Review). The 2-CD set was given Eureka! status, the TMT equivalent of something being “smokin’ hot.”

Now, after receiving critical approval from the place where criticism counts, Sakata and Chikamorachi are suiting up again for some trio shows in a small number of cities across the globe, accompanied on one date by Sergey Letov and pianist Yōsuke Yamashita on another. Seeing these guys shoot fire out of their instruments right in front of you is reason enough to attend, but if you’d like another incentive, here’s an easy way to get more out of the experience. Get into one of these shows early, position yourself as close to the front as possible, wait until a quiet moment in the set, let out a jarring, phlegmy cough, wait until 2014 for Family Vineyard to release that tour’s recordings, and finally impress your friends by fast-forwarding to the part where you coughed in Brussels three years ago and ruined a set by a jazz legend. Good luck!


10.25.11 - Moscow, Russia - School of Dramatic Arts Theatre %
10.27.11 - Krakow, Poland - Alchemia
10.28.11 - Poznan, Poland - Dragon Club
11.01.11 - London, UK - Cafe Oto
11.02.11 - London, UK - Cafe Oto
11.04.11 - Brussels, Belgium - Recyclart
11.05.11 - Hasselt, Belgium - Open Circut, Japanimprov Fest
11.06.11 - Brussels, Belgium - Les Ateliers Club #
11.09.11 - Tokyo, Japan - WWW ^

% quartet w/ Sergey Letov
# Corsano/Gray only
^ quartet w/ Yōsuke Yamashita

• Akira Sakata: http://www.akira-sakata.com
• Family Vineyard: http://family-vineyard.com

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